Terms & conditions.

Terms and conditions

Your SeaKits damage control kit is intended to be an aid for temporary repairs during an emergency and is not intended for long-term or permanent damage repair or leak prevention. This product is not guaranteed to slow or stop all water leaks. Any repair must be inspected and revised or replaced by a professional at the earliest possible opportunity. Do not operate your vessel longer than necessary with a temporary repair in place.

All warranties of any kind whatsoever, express, implied and statutory, are hereby disclaimed. All implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed. The kit (including any accessories and components) is sold as-is. To the extent permitted by law, SeaKits disclaims any warranty or liability for any products or parts manufactured by third parties.

Review all safety, usage, and warranty instructions and information carefully before using your SeaKits damage control kit, available at www.seakits.com. Failure to follow all instructions and information constitutes waiver of warranties contained therein.